Lovelock, James "Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine" INBUNDEN

James Lovelock's hypothesis, that the Earth is a living organism, has changed people's view of the world. This book addresses planetary health, the diagnosis of its sickness, prognosis for recovery and prescriptions for treatment. What is happening to our planet? Are the greenhouse fever and the ulcerated ozone layer early warning symptoms of a planetary illness? Is the human race a multiplying disease organism? Is the illness fatal? Can it be treated? These are some of the questions posed in this book by the originator of the Gaia hypothesis. Is there a science that can help us answer such questions? According to Lovelock, yes there is - the new science of geophysiology, or "planetary medicine". The planetary doctor's prescriptions are to be found in this book.

Inbunden, 192 sidor, stort format, Gaia Books 1991. Mycket fint skick.

98 kr