This is an authoritative abridgement of the original Culpeper classic "The Complete Herbal." Now, exquisitely illustrated throughout by botanical artist Michael Stringer to produce a fine gift book. The voice of the great, philanthropic herbalist is heard throughout, but set against modern herbal practice. It is fascinating to find how much agreement there is in the use of so many herbs. The wisdom and humanity of the great Culpeper are found in every page of this beautifully illustrated, classic work. Enjoy his caustic comments about other herbalists and his colourful descriptions. Read also the contemporary assessment of his herbs by one of Britain's leading herbal practitioners. So many of Culpeper's views are still accepted by modern medicine. Here is plant lore, traditional herbal wisdom and current herbal practice in a superbly illustrated classic volume. The appeal is to gardeners, medics and herbalists alike.

Häftad, 224 sidor, Foulsham 1996. Fint skick.

88 kr