Meehan, Aidan "The Celtic Design Book" INBUNDEN

This edition of Aidan Meehan's practical guides to the art and design of the Celts brings together three of his best-selling titles in the Celtic Design series: A Beginner's Manual , Knotwork , and Illuminated Letters.


The step-by-step instructions provide an invaluable resource for artists, designers, and craftspeople.

A Beginner's Manual covers all the simplest forms of Celtic design with a clear explanation of both freehand and canonical geometric methods, as well as detailed instructions on how to draw and decorate letters in an authentic Celtic style. It also shows the reader how to create personal illuminated manuscript pages with the help of an appendix of tools and techniques.

Knotwork: The Secret Method of the Scribes examines knotwork and plaitwork in detail against the sacred background from which they sprang. Illustrations of motifs taken from famous brooches and carvings show how Celtic knots can be adapted for all manner of craftwork.

Illuminated Letters is a unique blend of history, anecdote, and practical instruction that recreates the schooling of the Celtic illuminator.

900+ illustrations.

Inbunden med mjuka pärmar, 480 sidor, Thames & Hudson 2007. Fint skick, men något nötta pärmar.

198 kr