Toth, Max & Nielsen, Greg "Pyramid Power - The secret energy of the ancients revealed" HÄFTAD

Authors Max Toth and Greg Nielsen wrote in the Foreword to this 1974 book (revised edition, 1976), “Much that has been considered the superstition of past civilizations is now proving to be the core of an ancient secret science; many a modern discovery betrays its origin and basis in this secret science. Certainly, pyramid power is at the forefront of these rediscoveries… it is because of the power of the pyramids that this book was written. For, although there are many books about the pyramids of Egypt, there are very few about the lesser-known pyramids of the world and none, that we know of, about the power of the pyramidal shape… [This book] offers the most up to date source material available in the field of pyramidology.”

Häftad, 208 sidor, Destiny Books 1976. Fint skick.

78 kr