Hale, Gill "The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui "

Also sold as The Complete guide to Feng Shui, this comprehensive illustrated guide to the powerful Chinese art of Feng Shui, covers homes, gardens and offices. Ancient formulae and symbols are explained and interpreted for today's world and simple tables will help you apply them.

The theories of Feng Shui are explained, and practical advice is offered on how to create supportive environments to enhance your life, to foster your health, improve relationships and encourage prosperity and fulfilling lifestyles.

You are encouraged to discard everything which is cluttering your life and to encourage positive energy flows inside the home, and create a nurturing garden outside by working with natural forces. At work, where you sit, and the characters of your workmates all affect your productivity and relatively small changes can have instant impact.

Over 600 photographs and illustrations, including commissioned photographs and detailed easy to follow charts enable the book to illustrate how this increasingly popular ancient philosophy can be used in the modern world to focus your thoughts ~ and that of your environment ~ to create the life you really want.

Kartonnage, 256 sidor, stort format, rikt illustrerad i färg, Lorenz Books 2002. Mycket fint skick.

98 kr