McIntosh, Jane & Twist, Clint "Civilizations: Ten Thousand Years of Ancient History"

Civilization takes the reader from the earliest days of human settlement to the civilizations of the New World overthrown by the Spanish conquistadors. After a brief look at humanity's development as monadic hunters and gatherers, the book opens with the crucial step taken around 10,000 years ago when some communities started to ultimate plants. The settled villages of these early farmers were the forerunners of the complex cities and highly sophisticated cultures that were later to flourish in the emergent civilizations around the world. Focusing largely on the world's key civilizations in each time period, the book begins with the primary civilizations in Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, and China, and from there to Greece, Rome, and their contemporary cultures, culminating in the settlements in the Americas. Illustrated with revealing photographs, artworks, and maps throughout, Civilizations brings alive the ideas, events, and people of earlier cultures whose achievements have laid the foundations of our present-day world. 

Väl illustrerad med utmärkta färgfoton. Ett axplock: Jeriko, Catal Hüjüyk, Mesopotamien, Uruk, förhistoriska Peru med världens äldsta tempel pyramider, Egypten, induskulturen, sumererna, Ur, Babylon, Minoiska kulturen på Kreta, Assyrien, Olmeker och Teotihuacan i Mexiko, Chavin i Anderna, Shang Dynastin i Kina, grekerna, romarna, maya, tolteker, azteker,  inka.

Inbunden, 240 sidor, stort format, DK Publishing 2001. Fint skick.

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