Edwards I E S "The Pyramids of Egypt" POCKET

If you are interested in the details of the extant pyramids of Egypt--their historical development, layouts, discovery, and state of preservation--then this small book is ideal for you. I.E.S. Edwards (a curator at the British Museum for a number of years, I believe) writes well about his assigned topic, including a chapter on each of the major pyramid-producing dynasties or periods from Djoser (Dyn III) to the late pyramid-shaped tombs at Meroe.

Pocket, 325 sidor, Penguin Books 1993. Fint skick men med understrykningar.

The most interesting and valuable part of this book are the architectural diagrams; nearly all the extant pyramids discussed are given with renderings of their substructures. There is also a handy table in the back that links the pyramids with their builders (when possible) and locations.

48 kr