Ross, Anne / Don Robins, "The Life and Death of a Druid Prince"

The story of the discovert of Lindow Man, an archaeological sensation, and its impact on oour understanding of the Druids, Celtic culture and religion, and the ancient histoory of Europe.

The discovery of a 2000-year-old man's body in a peat bog in Lindow Moss, near Manchester, England on August 1, 1984 brought the authors together to study his remains, specifically his last meal. Ross is a Celtic specialist and archaeologist; Robins a chemist specializing in archaeological work. Their collaboration has resulted in this engrossing archaeological study which unfolds like a well-told detective story. With clarity and scientific skill, they reconstruct the ritual sacrifice of this 30-year-old man they deduce to have been a Celtic aristocrat. Probably a Druid priest, the man was sacrificed to the gods in A.D. 60 in the wake of a series of disasters, including the advance of Roman armies bent on crushing the Druids. The appendixes provide an overview of the Druids--their institutions, beliefs, and archaeological remains. An engrossing work for laypersons and specialists alike.

Inbunden, 177 sid., rikligt illustrerad med fotografier och teckningar. NYSKICK! Utg. år 1989. OBS, engelska!

148 kr

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