Randles, Jenny "UFO - retrievals" HÄFTAD

"Uncover the greatest story "never told, with the help of world-renowned UFO researcher and writer Jenny Randles."-- "American Bookseller . "Prolific investigator Jenny Randles traces documented claims for alleged UFO crashes and retrievals going as far back as 1871...interesting reading for the insights they give into UFOlogy's evolution over the last half-century...analyzes 30 cases from around the globe, concluding that some are obvious hoaxes, that others can be explained away after objective assessment of the evidence, but that a few of them at least support claims made by the UFOlogy contingent."-- "Nexus

Häftad, 192 sidor, Blandford 1992. Fint skick, men namnteckning på försättsblad.


88 kr