Gareth O´Callaghan, A Day Called Hope - a personal journey beyond depression

For years Gareth O'Callaghan, one of Ireland's most popular broadcasters, suffered severe depression. No one guessed that as soon as he was off air, he would retreat to his bed, sometimes suicidal thoughts, and barely able to function as a husband and father of three small children. In this candid and courageous account, he describes the nightmare he and his family lived through for so long. He looks back to his childhood where he believes his low self-esteem took root, and traces a pattern common to many. As soon as he was diagnosed, Gareth began a determined fight back to health. Now fully recovered and no longer on anti-depressants, he has emerged with a deep understanding of how depression takes hold - and how to loosen its grasp. Here he shares his insight, practical knowledge, and convictions in a mission to spread hope to all those affected by it.

Häftad, 190 sid., Hodder Mobius 2004, smärre slitage på omslag i övrigt fint antikv. skick, ENDAST 1 EX!

38 kr