Novotny, Ann & Smith, Carter "Images of Healing" INBUNDEN

The First Book to Visually Celebrate the Achievements of American Medicine and Pharmacology. The editors have selected over 400 archival prints, photographs, and documents to portray how American doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists progressed from the rigors of 18th-century colonial times, through the challenges of 19th-century Western expansion and urbanization, into the almost explosive advances in the first three decades of the 20th century. In these pages you will discover how an extraordinary group of 18th-century Philadelphians - Benjamin Franklin and Doctors Rush, Shippen, Morgan, and Physick - made that city arguably 'the cradle of American medical and pharmaceutical practice.

Inbunden, 144 sidor, illustrerad med 400 foton, MacMillan Publishing Company, New York, New York, 1980. Fint skick.

98 kr