Kaptchuk Ted, Michael Croucher, "The Healing Arts"

"The Healing Arts" relates the many forms of medicine throughout the world, past and present. Each chapter is devoted to a particular aspect of healing and compares the various medical approaches to the subject (eg. chapters titled "Hands On" which explores the effect of touch, and the use of it in Chinese Medicine versus Western compared to Indian and how it has been used in the past; other chapter titles include "Nature's Green Pharmacy" and "The Return of Ritual").

Ted Kaptchuk has a brilliant mind and it is ever apparent throughout the book. Sentence after sentence his insightful and original observations about medicine in all it's form (somes you may not consider "medical" until after putting the book down) are eye-opening.

Häftad, 175 sid., rikligt illustrerad, London Bridge 1986. Fint skick, endast 1 ex!

78 kr